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A Pleasure Based Leadership Mastermind

This is the sacred space for you to rise & thrive in your next level of embodied leadership, wild feminine reclamation and.

Deepen & Expand is less about "what you get" and more about WHO YOU BECOME. If you know you're ready to become the woman who feels more embodied in your authentic wild feminine power as you lead with heart & integrity.. this is for you. The longer you stay, the better it gets. And I want the absolute best for you.

If you’re desiring to deepen & expand in divine love, conscious leadership, and liberated with greater ease, depth, devotion, & pleasure, I invite to join us October 2024.


Where you welcome discomfort as you shift paradigms to truly expand in love & leadership with deep integrity and purpose.


For the visionary woman who dares to hold yourself as you face your fears and choose to step into the transformation they wish to see in the world through their work and be-ingness.


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Through this work, you will:

▹ Root into your deepest magic and power to show up in your highest heart lead service & conscious leadership

Calibrate and open your nervous system to hold more health, wealth, & deeper impact

Discover where unconscious systemic oppression & limitation lives in your mind, body, & work so that you can live in your highest level of liberation & purpose as a leader & visionary

 Rise in your embodied in your divine overflow so that you can show up to your soul mission & heart's vision with greater ease, liberation, & pleasure

You will be intimately supported through these 4 branches:

Trauma Informed Pleasure Based Embodiment Approach

Ancestral Healing

 Transmute ancestral & systemic rage, grief, guilt, and pain into clarity, purpose, and impact

Break trauma cycles rooted in insecure or disorganized attachment styles rooted in the wounded feminine



Massively unlearn & dismantle internalized systems of oppression ie patriarchy, racism, sexism, toxic capitalism, genderism, colonialism

 Deepen your spiritual embodiment and connection to the divinity as you somatically expand your capacity to receive, hold, and circulate money in alignment with soul


 Strengthen your intuition, strength, and resilience, with integrity, vulnerability, and authenticity

Wild Feminine Rising

Awaken the wild liberated sacred feminine within your mind, body & spirit and step into your next level relationship with your self, your loved ones, your community, and mother earth.

 Expand your sensual, sexual, & creative power to live in pleasure while in deep service to humanity

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This work is transforming lives around the world..

▹ 3 months of weekly virtual gatherings with Jasmine & other spiritual leaders & creatives

1 calls/week devoted to coaching, teachings, embodiment, energetic alignment & divine activations and Q & A created to build your embodiment & skills of radical reclamation & deep transformative elevation in anti-oppression, de-colonial wealth & liberation and conscious social leadership

Somatic Liberation & Coaching Call every week for 3 months (except integration weeks)

▹ 10 modules of content & juicy resources 

▹ Somatic & Embodiment live ceremonial sessions to release harmful or oppressive social or ancestral conditioning 

▹ Yogic & Mindfulness Teachings & Activations in Spiritual Justice

▹ Consistent rewiring & reprogramming of your subconscious mind into liberated paradigms of 

▹ Nervous System healing, recalibrating & expanding for an expanded capacity of empowered ethical leadership while growing your regenerative wealth

Ongoing support from Jasmine & a community of other multidimensional creatives & leaders on their soul mission of embodied personal & social evolution

What you receive:

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When you’re so tapped into your magic, pleasure, intuition, and divine feminine & masculine embodiment, as you devote yourself to intersectional awareness and anti-oppression in your leadership, you open a whole new realm of powerful personal and social transformation. You become a revolution. You become the paradigm shift this world needs.

Get on the Spring 2024 Cohort today to receive special early bird pricing

Meet your Guide into Awakening, Embodiment, & Reclaiming:

Jasmine is a Spiritual, Embodiment, and Leadership Coach, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Social Transformation Facilitator and Multi-Disciplinary Artist with specialities in subconscious reprogramming, somatic healing, sexuality & pleasure liberation, and intergenerational healing.

From leading programs & trainings within higher institutions and non-profit sectors in the reams of transformative justice, mindfulness & spiritual expansion, and in working with leaders in high level social impact, she devotes herself to supporting women, creatives, leaders, & change-makers in reclaiming freedom, power, and pleasure in their bodies, being in the most satisfying & fulfilling relationships, creating ancestral wealth, and living purposefully in their soul's vision.

Her mission is to empower & awaken people through her methodology of Feminine Reclamation in transforming ancestral trauma into embodied wisdom and tapping into deep divine feminine energy to claim the health, wealth, & liberation to thrive in their lives and transform society through meaningful impact. 

Her drive and passion to empower heart-centered, intuitive, creative women flows through all her containers and gives her clients massive life changing transformations.

Inside the Modules:

A glimpse into the journey of this offer created for you to expand in love, money, & embodied leadership through de-colonization, ancestral healing, and anti-oppression

Ancestral Healing & Nervous System Expansion

Pleasure Activism

 De-Colonial Evolution

Chakra System & Spiritual Integrity

 Ecological Consciousness 

Systemic Oppression & Somatic Liberation

Anti-Racism & White Supremacy

Intersectional Environmental Justice & Right Relationship with Mother Nature

Dismantling Patriarchy & Divine Masculine 

Disrupting Mysogyny & Divine Feminine

Beyond Gender 

Conscious Capitalism & Regenerative Wealth

Orgasmic Overflow

Love for Jasmine's work

Inside Root & Rise you will be guided to~

Take a strong stand in anti-oppressive social change starting from the inside out so that you can live in your highest level of liberation and purpose as a leader & visionary. You will have the sacred space to ground deeply into the next level of your conscious embodied leadership in how you serve your magic so that you can show up to your mission with deeper integrity, pleasure, and turn on

Want to connect more before you make a decision? DM me on IG with your questions or curiosities

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Join us in the upcoming 2024 cohort

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