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This virtual program is for creatives, allies, and change-makers who are ready to deeply engage with a highly interactive transformational process to embody a regenerative personal and professional lifestyle and practice. Explorations will include mindfulness as activism, intersectional social justice, physical embodiment as anti-oppression work, and creative liberation. We will be re-imagining our current society through an innovative immersion of modern (Kumospace, a web-based gathering platform) and ancient (bodily wisdom) technology.

❖ Are you a creative who has been craving more creative flow or feeling disconnected from creative expression?

❖ Are you socially conscious but seeking more knowledge and understanding of social justice issues?

❖ Do you want a collaborative co-creative space to dive deeper into your activism and/or creativity?

❖ Do you care about making the world more equal, just, and regenerative?

❖ Have you been feeling stagnant or repressed in your full, authentic expression?

❖ Do you have a desire to transform and expand your relationship with yourself, your community, or the earth?

❖ Do you have an idea of or practice in intersectional activism but want to learn and expand how it applies to your be-ing?

❖ Are you willing to go beneath the surface to own your power and agency with a group of diverse change-makers?

Then we got you.

Thriving Change-Makers will take place over the course of 7 weekends from May to June on Kumospace, a web-based gathering platform. Each session will be interwoven with a through line of creative expression, personal transformation, and collective healing, with an intersectional activist framework comprising of:

❖ Anti-Racism

❖ Class & Community

❖ Anti-Oppressive Strategy

❖ Ablism & The Body

❖ Gender & Sexuality

❖ Ecofeminism

❖ Environmental Justice

Each session will include:

❖ Mindfulness through breath and body connection

❖ Education, investigation, exploration through conversation, games, and exercises

❖ Expansive co-creation & play

❖ Action-orientation activation

What you will receive:

❖ Deeper authenticity and integrity out of your creative, personal, and professional practice

❖ Knowledge by experts on Anti-Racism, Class-Oppression, Gender & Sexuality, and Environmental Justice, AND how you can live EMPOWERED in your agency

❖ Drastic increase in social awareness and regenerative living

❖ Body Awareness and Mindfulness Techniques to apply to your health and well-being

❖ Creative inspiration and collaboration with a group of powerful change-makers

❖ An innovative virtual experience unique to other workshop spaces (no zoom room here!)

❖ The push, accountability, & challenge to think of your creative practice and activism more intentionally

❖ A brave space for transformative healing and engagement​

There will 7 guest BIPOC speakers & educators throughout the course of the program. Learn about them here.

Jasmine Hayden, Program Director & Facilitator, is a CultureHub Resident Curator (2020-2021). Learn more about her work in the residency program here

Participants will embark on a transformative empowerment journey of 3 hour playshop sessions (5-8pm EDT/2-5pm PDT) on the following dates and must be able to attend the entirety of the program:

Sunday, May 2, 2021
Sunday, May 9, 2021
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Sunday, May 23, 2021
Sunday, May 30, 2021
Saturday, June 5, 2021
Sunday, June 13, 2021
5-8pm EDT / 2-5pm PDT

Full Program Cost: $375

For a weekly breakdown of the program, learn more here. 

Enrollment closes April 30th.

If you are a member of the BIPOC community and do not have the means to pay in full, there will be a limited number of scholarships available. Apply here.

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