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“Vulnerability, intimacy, openness, and receptivity allow us to see ourselves in each other and evolve into a society that reflects that mutual recognition."

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Alchemize wounds to wisdom.
Transform trauma to liberation.

Rise in divine feminine power.


 I'm Jasmine

I am an Embodiment, Leadership, & Regenerative Wealth Coach
Multi-disciplinary artist

Social Equity Consultant & Facilitator 

Spiritual Mentor & Teacher

for womxn, creatives, leaders, & visionaries here to rise up and thrive in feminine reclamation of power, pleasure, and liberation in love, money, & leadership.


I am here to guide leaders to heal and alchemize ancestral, systemic, and somatic from the roots of their nervous system & subconscious programming so they create powerful satisfying relationships, social impact, and wealth with greater ease & pleasure.

I have co-created a life, relationships, and career that not too long ago, was a faraway dream.

I would love to support you to co-create this for yourself!

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As seen in

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Spiritual Embodiment, Regenerative Wealth, & Conscious Leadership
Private Mentorship

Ready to devote yourself to your next level of love, wealth, & impact? My 1:1 private coaching is for leaders who are ready go deeper, expand, and rise to new heights. I intimately support your transformational healing & personal evolution through a variety of trauma informed coaching techniques, spiritual practices, and intuitive energy work to grow your freedom, magic, & liberation in expanding your embodied leadership. I approach my work holistically, energetically, and to create a space where you may grow more deeply in your evolving self-awareness and self-development practices. With acute awareness and high sensitivity, I guide you through your unique process and hold space for you to release generational trauma and limiting beliefs, reprogram the subconscious mind, and integrate embodied empowerment.

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Inside my transformative sacred spaces...

I interweave and integrate ancient spiritual teachings from the Hatha yoga lineage, ancestral indigenous wisdom, somatic psychology, sacred pleasure, shadow work, and a devotion to healing deep generational & systemic trauma with a decade of experience supporting communities of diverse identities and backgrounds. 

My unique methodology of Feminine Reclamation comes from 10+ years of transformative group work and mentorship, 5 years of consulting & facilitation work within higher institutions and non-profits, and 4 years of training and experience as a coach. 

As an Embodiment, Wealth, & Leadership Coach, Social Justice Facilitator & Consultant, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Multidisciplinary Artist I co-create spaces that deepen and expand your ability reclaim liberation in your body, be in the most satisfying & fulfilling relationships, anchor in regenerative wealth, and live purposefully in your soul's mission with greater ease and pleasure.

Communal Love fom mentorship, programs, & events

Root & Rise

Signature Group Mentorship Program

A 3 month somatic expansion mentorship program for the heart-centered leader, creative, or visionary who is here for the deep inner work to deepen and expand the meaningful social impact you desire to create in this world with greater ease & pleasure while growing in regenerative wealth.

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Desiring to be in sacred community of soul-led change-makers? 

Conscious Leaders Rising is a virtual sacred brave space for humans rising to higher levels of love, wealth, and impact. 

This is a free community with juicy trainings, resources, and free weekly trauma-informed, decolonial liberation yoga.  

Join our nourishing eco-system of spiritual creatives, healers, change-makers, artists, visionaries, and leaders who are here to create big impact while expanding in regenerative wealth.

Anti-Oppression, Trauma Informed Embodiment Approach

I offer individual and group coaching and facilitation to deepen, expand, and strengthen your relationship with yourself, your community, and Mother Earth. By connecting intersectional activism with the mind, body, and spirit in the process of self and collective healing- I co-create sacred space for aspects of identity, power, and intergenerational trauma to be transformed into personal and collective liberation.


My mission to empower & awaken healers, creators, & visionaries through my methodology of Feminine Reclamation works through transforming ancestral wounds and systemic oppression into embodied wisdom and feminine power to be fully expressed and reclaim the health, wealth, and liberation to thrive in your personal & professional lives.

Social Equity Facilitation

In addition to creating group empowerment programs focused on trauma healing, self expression & development, and personal expansion, I specialize in building healthy, regenerative ways to engage with intersectional social issues within community & private practice. I work with leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, institutions, and organizations taking initiative in transformative justice. Depending on the intent- workshops are a mixture of critical dialogue, investigative research, explorative artistic expression, and solution-oriented strategies.

Art Activism

As a Queer Afro Mexican Indigenous artist, my art serves as a means for me to express the multidimensionality of human consciousness within and beyond the constructs of identity to uplift & empower our collective healing & transformation. My art forms include singing, filmmaking, dancing, acting, modeling, theatre-making, and poetry. Contact for rate inquiries or for possible collaborations.

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Activate your

Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership: Self-Paced Course

Reclaiming your Sovereignty:

Energy work Practice Series

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