Jasmine Hayden
Soul Embodied Leadership Coach
Social Equity Facilitator & Consultant
Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher
Multidisciplinary Artist

Wild Nature

“Vulnerability, openness, and receptiveness allow us to see ourselves in everyone and grow toward a society that reflects that mutual recognition."

Jasmine Hayden


Heal. Embody. Transform. Empower.


Socially-Aware Embodied Approach

I offer individual and group facilitation to build, grow, and strengthen the relationship with yourself, your community, and Mother Earth. By connecting intersectional activism with the mind, body, and spirit in the process of self and collective healing- I allow for factors of identity, power, and intergenerational trauma to guide inner and outer transformation.

Soul Embodied Leadership Coaching

Ready to commit more fully to your soul lead leadership? My 1:1 private coaching supports transformational healing & personal evolution through practical skills and intuitive energy work to expand your freedom, magic, & liberation and deepening your embodied leadership. I approach my work holistically, energetically, and from years of research in order to create a space where you may grow more deeply in your evolving self-awareness and self-evolution practices. With acute awareness and high sensitivity, I guide you through a process and hold space for you to release generational trauma and limiting beliefs, reprogram the subconscious mind, and integrate embodied empowerment.

Program Facilitation

In addition to group spiritual empowerment programs focused on trauma healing, self development, and personal expansion, I specialize in building healthy, regenerative ways to engage with intersectional social issues within community & private practice. I work with leaders, institutions, and organizations taking initiative in transformative justice. Depending on the intent- workshops are a mixture of critical dialogue, investigative research, explorative artistic expression, and solution-oriented strategies.

Art Activism

As a Queer Black and Latina actress, filmmaker, poet, writer, model, singer, and teaching artist, art serves as a means for me to express the multidimensionality of human consciousness within and beyond the constructs of identity. Contact for inquiries or for possible collaborations!