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Work with Me

I work with humans who identify as:

Heart-centered humans desiring to disrupt and dismantle harmful oppressive systems that live in the body and reclaim divine feminine power to soften & open into embodied liberation. 

Co-create a life that turns you on in the journey of unlearning toxic capitalist, patriarchal, colonial programming and rising into your wild, wealthy, woman.

Spiritual entrepreneurs, artists, witches, teachers, somatic/wellness coaches, health care providers

I serve as a trauma-informed somatic & guide, teacher, coach, and mentor through a decolonial anti-oppressive spiritual framework to support space-holders & creatives in expanding the power of your art/work with greater care for yourself and our siblings of diverse color and background.

Healers of generational, transgenerational, or  ancestral trauma 

Free your body of the old identities, stories, beliefs, and attachments and own your power to consciously co-create life in alignment with your highest desires. I guide your awakening & reclamation through deep somatic healing, nervous system rewiring, and spiritual embodiment work. 

Visionaires, change-makers, thoughtleaders, non-profit organizers, activists

Our mission is to deeper integrate spiritual activism into your work and expand your receiving capacity in love, life, & money so that you can sustainably expand your social impact, soulful love, and regenerative wealth. 

Embodied Alchemy

A potent 4 week transformational portal of ancient, primal, raw, deep medicine & wild feminine reclamation through the moon cycle.

A sacred energetic alchemy program for the wombyn, healer, mystic, witch, or medicine womxn, desiring to open yourself to juicy divine feminine magic to clear and transmute heavy, dense, or sticky energy from your body & system into softness, freedom, pleasure & spaciousness.


When you’re ready to ALCHEMIZE the pain, grief, judgement, shame, rage, & sadness into clarity, wisdom, wealth, pleasure & liberation.

Private Mentorship

12 months or shorter immersions of deep healing, radical evolution, & powerful reclamation in spiritual & feminine energetics of love, wealth, & embodied leadership.

I treat my 1:1 clients like Queen sisters of the highest regard and pour my heart & soul into your deepest healing, powerful alchemization, and radical reclamation of who you get to be beyond the fears, doubts, insecurities, unhealthy patterns, trauma responses, mental constructs, blocked energy, & social conditioning that have fooled you into be-ing anything less than your turned on, magnetic wild woman & empowered leader dripping in your magic & wealth.

I equip you with the tools, resources, wisdom, guidance, and energetics/nervous system calibration for you to rise into who you’ve always been, a powerful leader creating your dream life on purpose and in pleasure. (Custom Containers Available)

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Thriving Queens Mastermind

My signature 6 month deepest intimacy expansion portal for ambitious womxn leaders desiring to deepen & expand their power, conscious wealth, & social impact with ease & pleasure. My closest proximity group container in my highest level of somatic & energetic support to anchor you into your most expansive receiving paradigm in love, money, & leadership. Join in sisterhood to empower your receiving paradigm in money, love, intimacy & leadership with intuition & nervous system. 

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Root & Rise Mentorship

My signature 3 month high end transformational group program created for healers, leaders, & change-makers to root deeper into your spiritual power, sovereignty, & agency and rise in your conscious love, wealth, & leadership with divine feminine pleasure.

Expand your capacity to heal yourself and further your impact through deep embodiment, nervous system, & somatic liberation work.

A juicy intersection of sacred intimacy, social justice, and trauma healing.


Ancestral Healing. De-colonization. Anti-Oppression. 



My group facilitation and consultation work is rooted in embodied social justice & somatic liberation. I support personal and collective healing and  transformation through an anti-oppressive de-colonization framework, heart-centered approach, and spiritual mindfulness practice with a decade of experience. I offer in person or virtual facilitation working within institutions, non-profits, conferences, or festivals.

SElf Paced Offerings

Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership: Mini Course

Reclaiming your Sovereignty:

Energy work Practice Series

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