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Year Long, 1 X 1 Mentorship & Coaching
You are right on divine time, you beautiful being
You are in your devotion, accountability, play, pleasure, & magic.. and you're here to drop into holding more of your potency, resiliency, & medicine while expanding your love, wealth, & impact on soul purpose.

For the courageous woman and conscious leader desiring deeper pleasure, higher leadership, stronger magic, and a greater capacity for regenerative wealth... who is bold enough to claim it with the fierce, soft, wild, of your feminine power.

A year of intimate guidance and support through the depths of your expansion in your next level woman. 
Radical evolution, divine feminine embodiment & sacred intimacy mentorship through a trauma-informed, socially conscious, spiritual approach

My private mentorship sacred container is for you to rise up in how you show up for your dream life, healthy intimate relationships, and soul mission while embodied in Consciously Embodied Feminine Leadership. We dive into the depths of healing deeply embedded ancestral patterns, cycles, and trauma to anchor you into the safety of your most nourished, thriving, be-ing.


You're here to embrace your full magic while feeling  LIBERATED in your be-ing. 


You're here to open your capacity to expand in divine pure love and regenerative wealth while you further the impact of your soul's work.


This is a potent transformational journey into the dimensions of your divinity as you reclaim your pleasure, ease, and power to thrive in your life, love, and leadership with juicy nervous system regulation and nourishment.​.

Through subconscious reprogramming, nervous system re-patterning, somatic healing, and intuitive guidance, this container will nurture and support you co-creating deep divine love, awakened regenerative wealth, and meaningful impact as a powerful leader of your life & soul work.​

This is a 12 month radical reclamation container supports your system integrating significant inner and outer shifts and openings to embody sustainable  . It is a commitment to reprogramming your subconscious mind's limiting belief systems, growing trust & intimacy with your self and body, healing your inner child and ancestral trauma, and integrating your highest self with self-responsibility, accountability, compassion, and elevated consciousness.  

RECLAIM is a space devoted to you being more real with yourself than ever before, looking at what truly has been holding you back from living in your upmost potential so you can co-create your healthiest relationships, embodied regenerative wealth, and social impact full of integrity, purpose, intimacy, depth, and radical reclamation of your power, pleasure, magic, and liberation.

Full container of $3,333 per month or 39k PIF

What's included: 12 months of 1:1 intimate support

🪶 1 hour biweekly coaching sessions using a range of healing practices, techniques, and personal guidance​

🪶 T-F Voice & Text Support (for all of the wisdom, practices, tools, resources, & insight you need between calls)

🪶 Access to all live programs & content while in the container

DM me on IG or book an alignment call below to apply.

Custom coaching containers are available upon personal consideration, please reach out if you're ready or feeling called to drop into the alignment.

If private support is far beyond your current financial capacity, please receive from our free private community here or lower tiered offerings here until you're ready to take this aligned next step.

Hear from my clients

Testimonies from my soulmate clients 

Amber Mark

Artist, Film Producer, Writer

Kamaria Jones

Life Coach, Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Sally Brown

Business Owner, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Former Executive Director, mom of 3

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Anna Hubel

"After working with Jasmine for a number of months now, I have witnessed tremendous shifts in my energy and outlook that I never would have anticipated. As a beginner in healing and spiritual practices, I did not know what to expect upon arriving to each session, but their healing work is truly accessible and as their bio says, they will “meet you exactly where you are at” in each moment. Our sessions have touched on many topics including meditation and rituals, inner child work, physical embodiment, and processing of challenging emotions. Jasmine creates an inviting space to work on sensitive, intimate subjects, so this work resonates deeply, beyond routine actions or surface-level commentary.

In addition to live guidance during our sessions, Jasmine consistently follows up with reflections on my progress and offerings - recommendations for my practice between sessions - and checks in with me periodically. These offerings are thoughtfully personalized based on what has come up during our sessions, incorporating my creative expression and providing the encouragement and space for me to work on what is most meaningful to me.  These encouragements have moved me to invest in myself in deeply transformational ways. 

Reflecting on my journey so far, I strongly recommend Jasmine as a transformation coach, and I’m so grateful to have this continued journey to look forward to."


Analia Tamariz

I decided to start working with Jasmine because I was deeply hurt. Our sessions together were the balm I needed. With Jasmine, I learned to truly feel and process my emotions. I learned to accept what I was feeling and not judge it. She helped me to understand the connection between the mind and body. We talked about a range of subjects I struggle with in length and she made me feel completely heard. She asked me things I had to grapple with but were so important to my healing. She helped me along my journey of finding value in myself instead of seeking validation from others. Jasmine is patient, insightful, empathic and a joy to work with. She is wise and experienced in her practice. She is dedicated and truly so fantastic at what she does. I worked with Jasmine in addition to my therapist and I am so glad I did!! I still practice what Jasmine taught me on a daily basis and would recommend her to anyone looking to be heard, to transform their core beliefs, their perceptions of self, and ultimately their life. Honestly, I cannot recommend her enough. She is a treasure and I am so excited for those who get to work with her.

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Caitlyn Sullivan

I am so grateful to have signed up for Jasmine's healing services. I was at a point with my own self-growth where I could no longer look just inward and to literary sources. I had to reach out to someone to talk to and Jasmine made it so easy. She is able to read her client well and quickly understands what resonates with them socially and spiritually, so she can help with anyone no matter where they are in their journey.  

She helped challenge my thinking and helped me get more in touch with my emotions so I could truly express them in a way that felt good to me. She did this through helping my morning routine, helping my self love, journaling and meditation, and working through past traumas. With Jasmine's sessions, it gave me the courage to continue to talk it out with a therapist to work through my past traumas. Thanks for reinforcing my belief that I am capable of change. 

Orange Blossom


The thing about healing and working with Jasmine is that I was finally able to hear my own authentic voice. There is something truly special about working with someone who is there to help you unlock what has been there all along. Jasmine helped unlock a lot of power within me that I’ve always had but was too afraid to acknowledge was there. I was so focused on creating this picture perfect magazine life that I wasn’t looking inward. Coming from a background of organized  religion, getting involved in anything spiritual or sacred scared me for a long time. Feeling safe during my sessions with Jasmine allowed me to tap into my power, and finally give myself and my soul the autonomy, love, and healing I had long deserved.

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