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Hi beautiful being, 

I'm Jasmine, I dedicate myself to co-creating heart-centered spaces to empower creatives, healers, leaders, and visionaries to deepen and expand consciousness and embody their full power, magic, and liberation. I earned a Bachelor Degree from USC and a Masters in Art & Public Policy from NYU before fully realizing my soul's calling into community empowerment and social entrepreneurship through my methodology which intersects divine feminine embodiment, regenerative wealth, and spiritual justice which I like to call: Feminine Reclamation.

In 2021 I decided to go full time in business. My first month started with an abundant 4-figure day, a little while later I opened my body to receive 5 figure months, and by year 2 I'd expanded my nervous system to welcome in 5 figure days and healthy, fulfilling, devoted conscious intimate relationships while traveling the world. It was beyond magical to liberate myself into an embodied wealth far beyond money. Years of devotion to deep ancestral trauma healing had created a massive cosmic expansion of my radical reclamation in divine love, embodied leadership, and conscious wealth which created the space to be in deeper service to myself, family, community and mother earth. Now I support others to do the same in their own unique magic & medicine.


.. and love, getting here has not been an easy road. Let me tell you where I came from

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Before my reclamation I was​..

~Addicted to co-dependent chaotic, toxic relationships where I was over-giving and under-receiving in the wounded feminine due to generational trauma of dysfunction, abuse, & CPTSD

-Disconnected from my spiritual guidance, intuition, & my body's wisdom

~C​onstantly living in scarcity and burnt out in feast & famine cycles, not knowing how to feels safe holding & regenerating wealth from survival ancestral imprints

~Afraid to own my power to lead in high level spaces I felt unworthy of being in


I was struggling in overwhelm, exhaustion, with chronic stress and anxiety pushing my body into burn out & dis-ease

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and through nearly a decade of devotion to my radical evolution & expansion..

I was called into profound trauma healing and rich medicine work as a coach & mentor diving into the depths of sacred space holding and radical reclamation which inspired me to receive trainings in coaching, social justice trauma-informed yoga, and integrative somatic trauma therapy by some of best teachers in the world

Ultimately this lead me to become a Somatic, Regenerative Wealth & Leadership Coach to support other leaders co-create a life that is wealthy- spiritually, emotionally, financially, and in richness of life. My coaching focuses on nervous system expansion, energetic & emotional mastery, subconscious reprogramming, somatic liberation, sexual & sensual intimacy, ancestral & generational healing, creative personal & professional fulfillment, plant medicine integration, and embodied leadership for humans desiring to own their next level conscious leadership and serve their mission full of confidence, integrity, authenticity, and pleasure.

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Let's work together

From leading programs & trainings within higher institutions and non-profit sectors in the reams of transformative justice, mindfulness & spiritual expansion, speaking in international conferences, and working with leaders in high level social impact, I became devoted to supporting women & change-makers in reclaiming liberation in their bodies, being in the most satisfying & fulfilling relationships, expanding regenerative wealth, and living purposefully in their soul's vision with greater ease and pleasure.

Deeper into the timeline of my story

Here's a glimpse into my journey of how I got to where I am now.. there's only so much the external can tell you.. but I hope this gives you more insight into my heart & soul

Professional Credentials

▹ Bachelors of Arts, University of Southern California

▹ Master of Arts in Art & Public Policy, New York University

▹ 1 Year Trauma Informed Spiritual + Social Leadership (Soulwork)


▹ Registered Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

▹ Certified Advanced Meditation Teacher

▹ Certified Advanced Trauma Informed Facilitation 

▹ Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

A full spectrum of real world experience and lived wisdom in life, love, & business decolonizing & dismantling systemic oppression 

Intimate Private Mentorship: with Diahnna Baxter, Nikka Karli, Melissa Moffet, Melissa Ruiz, Ana Kinkela

Trained under: Arielle Schwartz PhD- clinical psychology & psychotherapist trauma expert, author, & specialist,

Manuela Mischte-Reeds LMFT -Trauma expert, Embodied-Dharma Teacher, Trauma-Somatics Consultant for Organizations & Executives, Licensed Master Psychotherapist, Mentor of Global Leaders & Healers

Staci K Haines - national leader in the field of Somatics, specializing in trauma healing, and intersecting personal and social transformation. Co-founder of generative somatics a multiracial social justice organization bringing somatics to social and climate justice movements.

Dr. Peter Levine -founder of the Somatic Experiencing™ Trauma Institute: Foundation for Human Enrichment,

Scott Lyons PhD-  Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Doctor of Osteopathy, and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner

Richard Schwartz PhD- creator of Internal Family Systems

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