About Me

I'm Jasmine, I dedicate myself to co-creating heart-centered spaces to empower women and marginalized groups, recognize the interconnectedness of all sentient beings, and expand our consciousness through mutual respect, vulnerable authenticity, and strategic action. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from USC and a Masters in Art & Public Policy from NYU. I have been trained as a trauma-informed yoga teacher and life coach with specialities in somatics, sensuality & pleasure practices, and generational healing modalities. Some of my roles include coach, mentor, facilitator, consultant, director, mindfulness practitioner, tantra, vinyasa, hatha, & kundalini yogi & teacher, and multidisciplinary artist. Through my professional practice I share knowledge in how to overcome internalized systemic oppression and allow for art, spirituality, and activism to serve as a catalyst to grow a stronger, healthier, and more compassionate society through impactful individual and community engagement.