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Free Resource Center

I created these free resources to support you in rising to your next level of love, wealth, & embodied leadership.

Receive one or all of them to deepen and expand in your journey!

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Reclaiming your Power:

Liberated Love & Leadership

Free Training & Guide

A free guide to deepen & expand your freest, juiciest, wealthiest heart-led conscious love & leadership.

Energetic and embodiment practices to deepen and expand your liberated leadership & expansive wealth.

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Here We Grow Podcast

A sacred space co-created to deepen and expand your being-ness in dismantling, deprogramming, relearning, re-wilding, and reclaiming your power within systems of oppression so you can own your magic and share your medicine freely.

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Here We Grow Community

This is a group for social impact driven creatives, conscious leaders & spiritual entrepreneurs to be celebrated, receive special member bonuses (lives, playshops, transmissions, community calls, etc), and be in sacred community as you deepen & rise in your power, impact, wealth, & embodied leadership 

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Creating Ancestral Wealth Meditation & Divine Activation

Drop into this divine wealth activation meditation to expand your mind, body, and spirit into a higher frequency of love, power, and abundance.

Drop into my Free Masterclasses

Reclaiming Thriving in Love, Wealth, & Biz Masterclass

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This masterclass invites you into creating deeper alignment & higher impact through clearing unconscious patterning & conditioned beliefs rooted in survival and lack and choosing to thrive in a more lush supportive inner & outer eco-system.


This reclamation opens you to the infinite intelligence of your inner system to expand you into higher paradigms of safety in owning your desires & expanding your space-holding. 

Feminine Reclamation Masterclass

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A masterclass inviting you to reclaim your feminine power in transmuting the internalized patriarchal oppressive systems into ease and pleasure aka feminine reclamation of liberation & freedom in your body as a woman or pussy haver. These principles can be applied to all aspects of life to experience big shifts & uplevels in sexuality, love, money, creativity, and powerfully leading their relationships, life & creations.

Pleasure, Purpose, Freedom

Conscious Wealth & Soulful Biz as Initiation into Spiritual Expansion 

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A divine activation masterclass for the creative, healer, leader, or visionary to revolutionize your self expression, rise in your soul mission, and further your impact with pleasure, purpose, and freedom.

A juicy masterclass welcoming you into the alchemization of ancestral & systemic trauma or wounding around money or wealth into your the highest beliefs and surrendering to the divine as you clear the shit that’s in the way of you holding your conscious wealth & soul biz in your feminine power.

Biz Strategy from Soul


A masterclass guiding you in how to lead with strategy & wisdom from soul in creating a juicy business that lights you up and turns you on. We dive into sacred sales, energetic exchange, and rooting deeper into your power as a spiritual entrepreneur with the unique blueprint of your soul.

Activate more of your

Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership: Mini Course

Reclaiming your Sovereignty:

Energy work Practice Series

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