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EMBODIED ALCHEMY (Rectangle Sticker (Landscape)) (Banner (Landscape)).png

A 4 week sacred energetic alchemic journey...

for the wombyn, healer, mystic, witch, or medicine womxn, desiring to open yourself to juicy divine feminine magic to clear and transmute stagnant, suppressed, heavy, dense, or sticky energy from your body & system into softness, lusciousness, freedom, pleasure & spaciousness.

For the healer & leader ready to ALCHEMIZE any pain, grief, judgement, shame, rage, doubt, fear, & sadness trapped or lodged in the system into clarity, wisdom, wealth, pleasure & liberation.

Our next Journey begins during the Eclipse Season and through the moon cycle.

Ancient, primal, raw, erotic, deep medicine for my pvssy havers.

What you will receive

Earth, moon, & womb wisdom through your inner phases and cycles.

Somatic healing, clearing, and liberating ✨

Telegram Sisterhood Channel for consistent coaching support & regular transmissions on alchemy, ancestral healing, divine feminine reclamation, the lunar moon, and the phases of the menstrual moon cycle.

4 live ceremonial calls. 1 bonus 30-minutee 1:1 call.

Calls will be held on April 19th, April 26th, May 3rd & May 17th.

Ready to be generously served through the depths of darkness and shadow into delicious liberation and feminine pleasure?

Join me on April 19th as we journey through the darkness.

Limited Space Available. The container will close when spots are filled.

Can’t wait to receive you, Queen. ✨

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