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Jasmine Hayden

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Drop into as many portals as you desire to support you deepen and expand in your journey


Reclaiming your Sovereignty: Practice Series

A 4 part mini series on ancestral/intergenerational healing, ancient wisdom, and somatic expansion from the nervous system to the quantum realm.

These practices will guide you through a journey of reclaiming your safety, power, & sovereignty in your body & empowered be-ing through a blend of breathwork, yoga, & embodiment. 

Expanding in Devoted Love & Leadership: Mini Course

A 6 week social leadership self-paced course and activation to deepen and expand your devoted love, conscious leadership, and awakened wealth. Filled with 6 lessons, 5 expansion practices, and integration work.




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Get ALL of these teachings, transmissions, & practices for only $333

3 powerful alchemic & spiritual embodiment practices to heal, empower, & support you in reclaiming your magic or transmuting heavy or dense energy into spaciousness and pleasure as you drop deeper into the depths of your wild divine feminine power.


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Get ALL of Jasmine's top masterclasses for only $333


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1:1 Somatic Liberation Intensive with Jasmine

Includes one 90 minute session and 4 days of integration voxer support for $666 

1-Off Session


Reclaiming Feminine Power in Love & Biz

Reclaim your divine feminine power to receive & expand love & money through alchemizing trauma stories into higher embodied leadership. Open your heart & body to allow in more love & power into your relationships & soulwork.                 


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Untamed & Reclaimed

(2 part Series)

2 ceremonial masterclasses to awaken your ancestral/trauma liberation as we dive into the somatics, energetics, & nervous system expansion of generational healing in money, receiving, & wild reclaimed feminine power. These masterclasses are for you to expand your body & system to feel safe, open, & juicy in receiving more money & leading with higher impact... wild & untamed.


Soul Led Social Leadership

This rich masterclass is full of key lessons and integration assignments for you to deepen and expand your soul led social leadership from heart and spirit through an anti-oppression framework.

Topics Included:

-Dismantling Internalized Oppression 

Deepening with Spirit, Earth, & Soul & healing relationship with the Ego

- Soul lesson Integration

-Emotional & energetic mastery

-Embracing your humanity

-Sacred self intimacy


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Thriving in Somatic Based Biz

A juicy masterclass created for you to unlock thriving within feminine leadership and somatic business. Inside we cover keys teachings and integrations that will create more peace, ease, and pleasure in your body and nervous system for you to shift out of surviving, overwhelm, or stagnancy in your business into a business that feels liberating and expansive in your divine feminine power.

 Topics covered include:

-Alchemizing Wounds/Traumas into biz gold

-Wise Resourcing

-Learning your Cycles and Seasons

-Sustainable Growth

-Energy Transmutation

-Nervous System Expansion 


Liberated Wealth

Anchor into a quality of abundance that is beyond the material realm & not measured by the external. Here, my sweet love, is where your nervous system anchors in the deep rootedness of a new paradigm of awakened wealth.

Centered. Stable. Grounded. Secure.

Internally, not externally sourced.

In pleasure & devotion

Rich with juicy deep love & a fullness of life

Through the energetic waves of your humanness and magic. This is the making for your desires to land in your body.               


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Wild Overflow

This is a 3 day transformational portal for the creative visionary with a heart of gold who is ready to receive in OVERFLOW in way that feels really fucking good in your body.. more YOU in your power, more fullness of life, more realness & rawness of your expression, greater service & impact, expanded money & wealth.


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