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May 2023: The medicine will get louder until allow yourself to receive it

my medicine lately - humility, bravery, and sacred pause

conscious leadership is not about always having it together or getting it right

its about allowing for messing up and doing your best to make it right

its about noticing the pressure you’re putting on yourself and choosing to take if off

its about letting yourself fail and allowing failures to be divine guidance into your freest self

its about shifting what success means to you ie inner love and acceptance versus outward approval and validation

its about owning your humanness in its flaws & imperfections & resilience

deeply powerful transformative work is in the micro shifts that happen over time and how willing you are to choose differently when presented with the same fears & resistance

how willing you are to open yourself to new possibilities that honor yourself, your needs, and your body

how devoted you are in embodying your WHY you do what you do when shit hits the fan and one part of yourself is falling apart or struggling and another part of you holds the wisdom of how to make it through

for me success these days looks like

slowing down

reclaiming rest

letting myself be abundantly loved, cherished, & cared for

giving myself grace through facing hard truths

deepening in trust of life

letting life meet me with compassion and generosity

allowing spirit to abundantly resource me

creating ease & simplicity through discomfort and tension

reclaiming pleasure as unprocessed trauma surfaces to be processed & cleared

choosing softness when a part of me wants to become hard

choosing to say yes to honoring myself through all the challenges that come with more responsibility and greater capacity to hold nuance and depth

What if expanding magic, medicine, wealth, and conscious leadership was about reclaiming a new kind of success and way of being in your body?

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